How to get root access on HTC Butterfly S

Here is the tutorial of getting root access on HTC Butterfly S.

Before getting access on HTC Butterfly S, you need to prepare 4 tools:

Ⅰ:Android SDK

Ⅱ: The related drive of HTC Butterfly S

Ⅲ: cm-hero-recovery.img

Ⅳ: superuser.zi

The first step is to install USB drive:

Firstly, let’s come into this step. Find Setting-Application program-USB debugger button, then check the first option. Next, connect your USB line with PC, it will prompt you to install driver. If it is the 32 bit system, then you are supposed to choose “x86” document to install the drive. Whereas, if it is 64 bit system, choose “amd64” document to install the drive.

The second step is to prepare the software for HTC Butterfly S:

In detail, remove the “TMG” document in your software kit to the root directory in C disk, in order to give us the convenience of finding C:\TMG\

The third step is to examine adb.exe and fastboot.exe:

To begin with the third procedure, all we need to do is to ensure that we have the document of adb.exe and fastboot.exe in TMG. So we need to accomplish those procedures one by one.

The fourth step is to check the condition of drive installation:

Unplug your USB line, then shut down HTC Butterfly S, next press the backspace key. Go on pressing the power key to enter bootloader. Then connect HTC Butterfly S with PC, and fastbootusb will come out in HTC Butterfly S. Pay more attention that never press mount at this time.

Open Start-Run-CMD, then enter the order: cdC:\TMG

C:\TMG>_ will come out when the order runs successfully.

Then input the order: fastboot devices.

The fifth step is to start rooting:

Enter: fastboot boot cm-hero-recovery.img after C:\TMG>. Then HTC Butterfly S will enter the mode of recovery.

We will see seven options in this mode, they are the following ones:

[Home+Back]reboot system now\\restart
 [Alt+S]apply\\install in SD
 [Alt+A]apply any zip fromsd\\install any zip file in SD
 [Alt+W]wipe data /factoryreset\\delete all datas
 [Alt+B]nandroid v2.2 backup\\back up
 [Alt+R]restore late stbackup\\recover the final back-ups

[Alt+F]repair ext filesystems\\suggest backing up ROM in HTC Butterfly S, use the trackball to move the cursor to [Alt+B]nandroidv2.2backup, check it. If there is something wrong with your HTC Butterfly S, it can also recover.
  Now start entering the order, an order is in a line. Pay attention to the small letters and the big letters and also the blank.
  adb shell mount /system
  adb push su /system/bin/
  adb shell chmod 4755 /system/bin/su
  adb push Superuser.apk /system/app/
  adb shell reboot
  After rebooting, you will finally get root access on HTC Butterfly S.

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