How to update B-N NOOK Tablet to Android 4.4-Kitkat

Here is the tutorial of updating B-N NOOK Tablet to Android 4.4-Kitkat.

The announcements of updating:

Ⅰ: This tutorial is suitable for the single card version of B-N NOOK Tablet to brush into the Kitkat’s official RUU, it can also be applied to another format, such as zip to brush into.

Ⅱ: To ensure that your B-N NOOK Tablet has been turned into S-OFF before flashing. And the electric quantity is over 30%. At the same time, the computer system you operate is Windows.

Ⅲ: To assure that you have a related knowledge of adb and fastboot.

Ⅳ: After flashing , your B-N NOOK Tablet will update to the version of hboot.

The detailed procedures of updating B-N NOOK Tablet to Android 4.4-Kitkat:

Ⅰ: Download the adb driver, move 3 documents from zip package to c:/windows. Meanwhile, download the RUU package you need.

Ⅱ: When your B-N NOOK Tablet comes into the fastboot usb mode, shut down your B-N NOOK Tablet, press the bottom button of the Volume key and Power supply key at the same time. Then B-N NOOK Tablet will enter hboot mode. Next, choose bootloader to come into fastboot. Plug your data line and wait for the correct drive. Later, enter the fastboot usb mode.

Ⅲ: Click the Start key of the left corner of your desktop. Enter cmd in the Searching program and the document frame.

Ⅳ: Then input fastboot oem rebootRUU. Your B-N NOOK Tablet will reboot to another interface.

Ⅴ: Input fastboot flash zip RUU-B-N NOOK

Ⅵ: You will meet an error when you press the Enter key.

Ⅶ: Repeat the upper order to solve the problem.

Ⅷ: When you see the character-Finished. Input: fastboot reboot

Ⅸ: After all of the procedures, your B-N NOOK Tablet has successfully updated to Android 4.4-Kitkat. Congratulations and enjoy your Kitkat.

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