How to install Google Chrome OS on Acer Aspire AS5750-6664

Lightweight and lightning-fast Google Chrome OS is fast and simple and will give you more secure computing experience. After you have done a little research on it, you will want to have a try. How to install Google Chrome OS on Acer Aspire AS5750-6664 ? Now, let’s get start.
Step 1: To get the code of Chrome OS for your Acer Aspire AS5750-6664 , visit It is open source and free; there is also an installer for Windows, Mac, and Linux, visit Thanks to hexxeh, you can see two types of Chrome OS downloads: vanilla and lime. Vanilla is straight conversion of Chrome OS while Lime has something else which makes it more compatible with all types of hardware. Let’s begin with Lime.
Step 2: First, scroll down the hexxeh page and find the builder applications, and then download Vanilla. It has the builder application for Mac and the builder application for Windows. Download the one which your 444 need.
Step 3: Run Chrome OS Image Creator. In the box “Please select the version of the Chromium OS you would like to download:” you can choose a lime version. According to the date, you can choose the latest updated version. So, choose one and then click Next.
Now, you will be asked to select a USB stick. If you don’t, have plugged one before then you should plug one in your Acer Aspire AS5750-6664 . Note the USB stick must have an internal memory of more than 4GB.
If everything will go well, it will detect all hardware of your Acer Aspire AS5750-6664 .
Step 4: After you have seen the message like “Congratulations on creating a Chromium OS live USB. To get started, insert the USB stick into the machine you’d like to run……”, then you can sure you have finished the download work, just take out your USB stick from Acer Aspire AS5750-6664 .
Step 5: Change the boot sequence of your Acer Aspire AS5750-6664 so that the USB stick boots first before the hard drive. Connect the stick and then press F2 to get into BIOS setting. Boot at the top and then selected Hard Disk Drives. Exit and let your computer boot up. Chromium screen pops up.
Now, it is almost finished. Chrome OS will let you able to work with your Acer Aspire AS5750-6664 . Then you will be asked to choose a language, keyboard and wireless network. You will see a list of recognized networks here or you will have to try the lime version. If all things go well, Chrome OS desktop will appear on your Acer Aspire AS5750-6664 .

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