How to Install Linux on Acer C710-2055

Linux is an important operating system that needs huge hard drive space. So If you want to install Linux on a laptop, the first thing you should do is to check if you hard drive space is big enough or not. In this article, I will give you’re a brief instruction of how to install Linux on Acer C710-2055.

Step 1: check if your Acer C710-2055 is big enough or not; run the Microsoft Diagnostics Utility to check out information about your hardware configuration to prepare for installation;

Step 2: download binary Linux files and the files will be about 300 to 400 megabytes in size; and put the binary files onto CD-ROM disks;

Step 3: go into the bio screen of your computer and change the boot sequence in the bios screen. So Acer C710-2055 will boot from the CD-ROM disks containing your Linux files. Choose “set to CD-ROM’ and then save changes and restart Acer C710-2055.

Step 4: then you will see the booting sequence screen. You will be asked if you want to install various aspects of the CD-ROM files. You should just press the “Enter”.

Step 5: make file system to partition your Acer C710-2055 manually or through purchasable software. You should make four partitions: a boot partition to tell Acer C710-2055 that the hard drive can be booted from the Linux kernel; a swap partition to determine how the Linux kernel gets information from your RAM; a root partition which is essentially the same as the C drive on a Windows machine that will contain setup files and the directories for various devices on your Acer C710-2055; a home partition that contain all of the user files. Just like other installation sequence, this installation sequence will ask you a serious of installation questions about what you want to install since the installation of Linux have many possibilities. When everything is done you can just click OK and the Linux will begin to install. There are many information will appear in the process of installation of some Linux operation system such as various tips for using Ubuntu will be displayed on the screen when you are installing Ubuntu. Once the installation work is finished, you should restart the Acer C710-2055 and the installed Linux operating system will be load.

The above mentioned steps are a generalized approach that can be applied to a variety of Linux operating system like Linux Mint, Ubuntn Linux etc.


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