How to Speed Up the Boot Time of Apple MacBook Pro MD101LL-A

Everyone have a dread, long rebooting time. Although it may only take several minutes but this process may look like lasting forever. This is really a common scene since the appearance of relatively advancer computers. In this article, we will give your several guidance of how to Speed Up the Boot Time of Apple MacBook Pro MD101LL-A.

Tip 1: many computer newcomers set many startup service some of which they will not use at the minute you start up your Apple MacBook Pro MD101LL-A. However, this will affect your boot time. So, one of the methods is delaying certain startup services.

Tip 2: change your boot time out value. “Time out value” is the time amount your Apple MacBook Pro MD101LL-A will wait for you to choose what operating system you want to boot into. This value always appears when you are dual booting. If you have not made your choice before this time, your Apple MacBook Pro MD101LL-A will just enter into default OS. This time out value for window is 30 seconds which is too long for typing some keys. So, you can change this time. Head to msconfig and click on the BOOT.INI tab, and change the number in the timeout box to something lower.

Tip 3: disable unused hardware and remove unnecessary fonts. This may give you much help. As your Apple MacBook Pro MD101LL-A will load many drivers when it starts up of which some might not be used for most of the time, like Bluetooth controllers, modems, and virtual Wi-Fi adapters. Right-click on the entry you want to disable and hit “Disable”. Windows has loaded fonts at startup when it was born. Take wind 7 as an example, open up the Fonts folder from the Start Menu’s search box, and check off all fonts you don’t need. Click “Hide” button in the toolbar.

Tip 4: when your Apple MacBook Pro MD101LL-A is starting up, it will take many times to ask the network for an IP address. Give your computer a static IP address to save this time.

Tip 5: you may don’t know the secret of your BIOS. When you first set up your Apple MacBook Pro MD101LL-A, it will set up many things to provide convenience for you. In fact, after all these things are set up, they can be disabled. So, you can just hold the DEL key in the start up process and turn on the “Quick Boot” option and move your hard disk to the top of the boot priority list to turn off the tests your computer runs. Then, boot priority tweak will tell your computer not to look for CDs, thumb drives, or other media when it first starts.

Tip 6: another most-used method to save booting time of your Apple MacBook Pro MD101LL-A is clean out programs that launch at startup. Run msconfig from the Start Menu’s search box, and going to the Startup tab. You can see what each of those applications does in the application list. So, you can disable those applications you do not need to use.

All these are the most-used six methods of speeding up your booting process of your Apple MacBook Pro MD101LL-A.


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