Never install hackintosh on your Acer AS7750G-9411

I believe that everyone who once had an experience with Macbook will not be easy to forget about how nice Mac OS is. Then there is something called hackintosh can satisfy you. Do you want to build a hackintosh on your Acer AS7750G-9411 that is to say installing Mac OS X on non-Apple hardware? I can tell you this is definitely possible. PearPC emulates the Mac hardware on your PC. This article we will tell you the procedure.

Step 1: download PearPC archive onto your Acer AS7750G-9411 and decompress it. Create a ISO file from the Mac OS X 10.6 installation CD through burning software. You can find documentation at the software’s website for creating ISO image files. The documentation can be found on website. Save the .dll file to the PearPC directory

Step 2: Click File and then Create Virtual Hard Drive. 3GB is generally enough for the installation work. If your have higher disk space, 6 GB is perfect.

Step 3: Browse and save your HD image on your Acer AS7750G-9411, then click Create Hard Disk.

Step 4: click File and then New Configuration File at PearPC Control Panel. Then you will see the wizard window and click continue. Click Browse to find the ppc.exe. Select any icon you want to use. Under “Primary IDE Decvice”, click “Browse”, and find the hard drive image you just saved at step 3. Then you should set how much virtual RAM you want Mac OS X to have. Click Continue and set the video mode you want. Leave “Enable Networking” unchecked for setting up networking and then click finish. This is done then.

Or you can do as following:

Step 1: you should get the following things prepared: your Acer AS7750G-9411, USB external optical drives, iDeneb 10.5.4 CD, Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard).

Step 2: start up and press F12 to enter into Boot Menu and select USB CDROM, then you will soon enter into GUI setup appearance, select your preferred language. Just like other wizard, OS X installer is easy to follow through. Just select Disk Utility and then do Mac partition and click on the Erase tab. MAKE SURE THE PARTITION YOU SELECTED IS NOT THE WINDOWS PARTITION. Then you will back to welcome screen and click next. Then, you should click Customize and configure the settings for your Acer AS7750G-9411. When all these things are done, click Install. And then you should wait for the process until it is finished.

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